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Portumna Heritage Trail

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9. Walled Garden

Walled Garden

To the east of the Dominican Priory is located the steward’s quarters which was converted into a temporary family residence for the Clanricardes when Portumna Castle was accidentally destroyed by fire in 1826. Known as the ‘Dowager House’, it was home to the inheritors of Portumna Castle and demesne, Lord Lascelles and his wife, Princess Mary, during their historic visit to the town in 1928. It was the couple’s last visit to Portumna. A disused, walled garden is located to the east of the Dowager House complex.


Walled Garden

Rectangular walled garden, built c.1800, with courtyard of stables, later a dwelling, to north-west corner. Currently disused. Rubble limestone walls with yellow brick facing to interior. Square-headed opening in west wall.


The walled garden would have played an important part in the day-to-day functioning of Portumna Castle producing food for the castle table. Though now somewhat separated from the castle, it is still part of a relatively intact demesne which includes the castle and its associated buildings. Walled gardens are often faced with brick as it retains heat and allowed for the easy hanging of fruit trellises.

Princess Mary