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Flying Wild

Ballinderry, Co. Tipperary

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Flying Wild was born seven years ago when I decided to give up my career in publishing and move back to Terryglass, Co. Tipperary, the village where I was raised. I was seeking a simpler life, a life lived outdoors.

As a hobby I began to keep bees and from very modest beginnings I slowly nurtured ever more beehives to grow and prosper. I shared the goodness of my hives with my friends and neighbours - raw honey, beeswax candles, balms. I now have sixty hives of happy bees contributing to the environment in our beautiful green countryside.

My passion for beekeeping has grown into a small rural business producing organic skincare bringing together the best of bees and botanicals, beeswax candles, and organic massage therapy products.

Sharing the healing power of the hive is at the heart of my business and inspires every product my bees and I make.

Killeen Farmhouse Cheese

Loughanroe East, Portumna

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Goat's and cow's milk cheese on our farm in Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland


Supreme Champion, Irish Cheese Awards 2011

Best Goat Cheese, British Cheese Awards 2011

Best Irish, World Cheese Awards 2011

Super Gold, World Cheese Awards 2011


Killeen Goat (mild, mature, herbs), Killeen Cow (mild, mature, herbs), NEW: raw goat

Dutch-born Marion Roeleveld has been making cheese since the mid 00’s. Put together a happy herd of goats, a passion for cheese, and a dairy farmer down the road – that is Killeen Farmhouse Cheese, based in east Galway, four miles from Portumna.

Marion trained as a cheesemaker in the Netherlands before coming to Ireland and makes two cheeses, a goat’s Gouda style using milk from her own herd and a cow’s cheese made using milk bought in from a local herd. Both her cheeses are made using traditional rennet. When she started out, Marion used to sell the majority of milk from the goats and keep only a small amount for cheesemaking. Over the past few years Marion has built up a loyal following and now most of the milk produced goes into the cheesemaking. Killeen cow’s is made from bought-in milk from a local herd.

Killeen Farmhouse Cheese is available in both a goat’s and a cow’s milk variety. The recipe is based on that of Gouda cheese. Killeen Cheese is handmade from pasteurised milk, using traditional animal rennet. Before it can be sold, all cheese is matured for a minimum of six weeks on timber shelving. To reach a mature stage, we have to be more patient, the mature cow’s cheese ripens up to 12 months.

The goat’s milk is produced from our own herd of goats. The animals get a grass based diet rich in clover. We don’t use sprays or artificial fertilizers on the land. The cow’s milk is sourced from a local dairy farmer. Thanks to this close connection, every cheese is fully traceable, even down to what grass the animals were on when a certain batch was made.

There are many ways in which Killeen cheese can be used apart from making it part of a cheese board. The goat’s cheese works well in salads, or try it grilled on toast with sundried tomatoes. The cow’s cheese is ideal for use in salads, melted on a burger, or grated on a dish and baked in the oven. Or simply enjoy it on a sandwich or with a slice of homemade brown bread.

Portumna Country Markets

+353 (0) 90 96 75 156

Portumna Country Market is held every Friday from 08:30- 12:30 in Portumna Town Hall, County Galway. Visitors and locals are invited to browse, buy and enjoy.

Sliabh Aughty Honey

Carrowmore, Clostoken, Loughrea

+353 (0) 83 478 0022 Facebook - Sliabh Aughty Honey

We are Beekeepers on the Sliabh Aughty Mountains. Four generations producing 100% raw Irish honey and Natural beeswax products, all made from our own beeswax. Our mission is to produce 100% raw honey products of the highest quality.

We are registered with the Federation of Irish beekeepers and with Irish black bee producers. 3 years ago we decided to increase our hive numbers to allow us sell our honey products and share our quality product with others.

Our bees are in 6 aperies on the Slieve Aughty Mountains, this mountain range is spread over both County Galway and County Clare and runs into the Burren Primary plants and trees in the area that produces nectar and pollen are:

Spring: Pussy willow, hazel, Sycamore, beech, chestnut, white thorn, daffodil, snowdrops mountain ash, Heather, Gorse.

Summer: Dandelion, clover, blackberry, Gorse.

Autumn: Ivy, heather, privet.

Una M’s Cakes

Clonfert Avenue, Portumna

+353 (0) 87 664 0288 Facebook - Una M's Cakes

Una M's Home Bakery is an Artisan home based bakery, supplying locally. We also make a large selection of delicious cakes and desserts to order. Una M's Home Bakery is HSE registered. In March 2014 we opened UNA M's CAKE Shop in Clonfert Avenue Portumna.

All our cakes and bread are homemade, we make everything from scratch using the best ingredients.

Please pay us a visit.