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Watermark Ski & Wakeboard Club

Terryglass Harbour, Co Tipperary

+353 (0) 87 257 3661

First Timer, advanced or just loving a Buzz? At Watermark you can do it all! By yourself, families, Hens, Stags, The Gang- you are all welcome! Great coaching, the best of equipment, enthusiasm, easy learning and a ton of fun- that’s us!


It's like snowboarding on water using the wake (wave behind the boat) as a jump ramp to do tricks off. You need average fitness and balance. Looking cool within 30 min water time.


It's like two skies on two feet or two feet into one ski (mono ski). Use the pull of the boat to ski in a slalom fashion across the wakes (wash behind the boat). You need average fitness, but forearm strength helps with the advanced Deep Water Start. Looking cool within 30 min water time.


It's like real surfing, but behind the boat for as long as the petrol lasts! No rope, no bindings, just you and the wave. You need good balance & reaction time. Looking cool surfers, straight away! First Timers within 30 min water time.


It's like lying on a foam board getting towed. High speed, whips, two up battles, tricks & thrills- it's up to you! Best fun eva! You need a bit of courage and a willingness for deviousness if you are two up! Looking cool kids under 8 straight away, kids over 8 within 5 min, murderboarders only the winner looks cool! Biggest fan kids any age, Stag & Hens, and Wolfie the dog.


It's like skiing on your feet. No skies! You need be 'strong like bull, gentle as butterfly'. Good abs and a healthy dose of courage aka daredevilness aka peerpressure! Looking cool as soon as you are in the impact barefoot suit. Biggest fan Stags and wingmen.

TRICKSKI (also called Shortboard)

It's like one ski that can go forwards, backwards and sideways! Teaches you good habits to make you much better at any other discipline. You need good balance, fore arm strength and ability to deep water start on a wakeboard, wakesurfer or monoski. Looking cool as soon as you hold on to.

Mid Ireland Adventure

Banagher, Co Offaly

+353 (0) 85 173 5204

Mid Ireland Adventure provide a wide range of activities from mountain biking in Portumna Forest Park/Slieve Bloom mountains to water based activities, including stand up paddle board (SUP) safaris, on the majestic river Shannon or Lough Derg.

We also provide Bike Rental, SUP Lesson, SUP Summer Camps & Rental.

Our passion is the great outdoors so let us kick start your adventure today!